By lyvefresh / 01/12/2024

The uniform business in India

12-12-2023 – Mumbai It has been a ages, since we had worn our school uniforms and getting an identity with…

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By lyvefresh / 01/17/2023

Resolution 2023 – No more holding your pee while you travel and find dirty toilets.

All the ladies in the house, lets make a resolution in 2023 that we will not hold to pee even…

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By lyvefresh / 08/06/2022

316 women police officers at Marol Police Training Centre, Mumbai attended Menstrual Hygiene Workshop.

6th August 2022 Menstrual hygiene workshop conducted at Mumbai Police Marol Training Center Lyvefresh ANANDA an initiative to promote Menstrual…

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By lyvefresh / 08/02/2022

Menstrual hygiene workshop @ Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh

2nd August 2022 Vichar Samiti, NGO partner of Lyvefresh ANANDA organized a workshop at rural areas of Sagar District, Madhya…

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By lyvefresh / 07/11/2022

Mr. Arun Bhardwaj – The running legend of India joins Lyvefresh ANANDA as an honorary advisory board member

11-07-2022 Arun Bhardwaj (born 24 February 1969) is an ultramarathon runner from New Delhi, India. He is one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance…

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By lyvefresh / 07/02/2022

Workshop at Yenapoya University, Mangalore

2nd July 2022 Green Impact Foundation conducts a workshop on Menstrual Hygiene for OBG department at Yenapoya University, Deralakatte, Mangalore….

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By lyvefresh / 07/02/2022

Menstrual Hygiene workshop for Mangalore Police

2nd July 2022 Lyvefresh Ananda workshop was organized by Green Impact Foundation Green Impact Foundation, NGO partner of Lyvefresh ANANDA…

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By lyvefresh / 06/17/2022

Webinar by Vichar samiti on 15th June 2022

17-06-2022 The 1st Lyvefresh ANANDA online webinar organized by Vichar Samiti for promoting Menstrual hygiene. It was a first webinar…

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By lyvefresh / 06/10/2022

NGO Partner – @ Mangalore, Karnataka

Green Impact Foundation – Adopts Lyvefresh ANANDA as a system driven approach to promote menstrual hygiene across Karnataka. Green Impact…

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By lyvefresh / 06/09/2022

NGO Partner – Vichar Samiti @ Madhya Pradesh

Vichar Samiti – Adopts Lyvefresh ANANDA as a system driven approach to promote menstrual hygiene across Madhya Pradesh. Vichar Samiti…

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