Menstrual hygiene workshop @ Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh

2nd August 2022

Vichar Samiti, NGO partner of Lyvefresh ANANDA organized a workshop at rural areas of Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh on Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Vichar Samiti, NGO partner of Lyvefresh ANANDA organized their workshop at Tilakganj ward and Rajeev Nagar Ward on 26th July 2022 followed by a workshop at Ranipura, Ganga mandir on 29th July 2022, to promote menstrual hygiene management and sanitary waste management. Around 100+ women attended these workshops. The purpose of this workshop was to not only educate the females about better menstrual hygiene but also to focus on better lifestyle during menstruation days. This workshop content was designed to provide in depth knowledge about the disadvantages of using disposable sanitary pads or tampons, how can it affect their health, how messy things can be during the menstruation days, how much you need to limit your activities during these days and many more such issues were highlighted to the audience to make them realize the facts looking at the mirror. And finally teaching them how to over come with a solution for all the period problems in a much better way for a healthy lifestyle and that too with an eco-friendly alternative without any kind of health issues. The complete training was been conducted by Ms Akanksha Malaiya – Secretary of Vichar Samiti.

By adopting the eco-friendly alternative against sanitary pads i.e. “Menstrual Cup” a product which can be used for the period of 5 years by allowing you to save the cost as compared with the cost of disposable sanitary pads used within a period of 5 years. It also solves the problems like availability, carrying multiple pads while you travel, etc. And at the same time it allows you to do any kind of activities including swimming during periods.

The workshop was highly appreciated by all the attendees as it became life changing workshop by motivating them for a better lifestyle.

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