NGO Partner – @ Mangalore, Karnataka

Green Impact Foundation – Adopts Lyvefresh ANANDA as a system driven approach to promote menstrual hygiene across Karnataka.

Green Impact Foundation have joined the national NGO network by adopting Lyvefresh ANANDA – the system driven approach for promoting menstrual hygiene management.

Green Impact foundation have been focused on waste management which is challenge to the world. It is the challenge for the every local administration . it is not the short time gain but long run project. To get sustainable solution there should be continuation effort . So Green Impact Foundation planned to work with govt departments, urban local bodies and communities.

Understanding that sanitary waste comprises of around 1130000 tons p.a. across India, they have have decided to focus on working towards helping women to adopt eco friendly alternative products during menstruation which will help to reduce sanitary waste. By adopting Lyvefresh ANANDA a system driven approach with standardized training content, the NGO plans to execute several workshops across the state from Karnataka starting from Mangalore. These workshops will be carried out FREE of cost at various locations like Schools / colleges / university / government departments / corporate / etc. They would also make eco friendly products available during their workshops at highly discounted price to every woman.

They welcome every beneficiary with a certificate of appreciation for helping them in organizing these workshops and also to support these noble cause. You can feel free to connect with green impact foundation on +91 94487 32414 for organizing a workshop.

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