Resolution 2023 – No more holding your pee while you travel and find dirty toilets.

All the ladies in the house, lets make a resolution in 2023 that we will not hold to pee even if there are dirty toilets.

It is been noticed since ages across India that most of the women / girls have to hold their pee or drink less water while they travel in India, this is due to lack of clean and hygienic toilet facilities available in public. Well even if there are campaigns across India like “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan” which focuses on not only keeping the surroundings clean but also focuses on building health and hygienic toilets across rural areas of India to support every women. But still there have been an issue found lately that after constructing such toilets, its difficult to manage the same for keeping it clean and hygienic on daily basis. As these toilets are build by many NGO’s / government bodies / private donors but at the end handed over to specific NGO’s or individuals to manage on daily basis, These NGO’s / individuals who are trying to manage these toilets are mostly found with lack of required funds or having other multiple issues for managing and keeping the toilet clean and hygienic.

As a result quality of these toilets are degrading day by day and reach a level where it becomes so bad that no individual would be able to use these toilets. Understanding the above above scenario there is a need of an hour for accepting Standing urination device. Standing Urination Device (SUD) have been accepted across the globe since last 2 decades and there have been tremendous increase in the demand. SUD is been manufactured in various different materials making it disposable and reusable, while in India the market share of disposable have not grown as expected due to the cost of product per use. As the cost per usage of all reusable SUD are lower than the disposable SUD, the reusable SUD shall be more preferred. But Indian women are still not aware about the importance of the material used to manufacture these SUD, which actually plays a major role in defining the quality of the product. Many of these SUD’s are made from TPE / TPR materials which are from plastic family and sold at much cheaper price in India but it is advisable to use the SUD made from 100% Silicone rubber which makes it safe and hygienic while you use it daily. Silicone is a raw material which have excellent characteristics like antimicrobial, high heat resistant, high chemical resistant, Odor free, non stick, etc. and so it is advisable to use SUD made from 100% pure Silicone rubber.

Lyvefresh SUD is a Made in India product and made from 100% silicone rubber making it a best quality product for long term usage. This Lyvefresh SUD can be used upto more than 5 years as the company gives complete warranty for the same. These SUD are highly useful to pregnant ladies, working women, arthritis patient and mainly for all the age group of female who are travelling locally or nationally. This SUD gives every women / girl freedom to stand & pee even in dirty toilets like a man. We hope to see the growth of such products in the category of health and hygiene across India in near future.

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