Why become SAKSHAM ?

“Lyvefresh SAKSHAM” is an initiative to empower women across the nation by providing them with a low cost business opportunity. Ever women will be offered to become an entrepreneur with a lowest investment value to purchase products for reselling.Every women also gets various other opportunities of advertising their own business online absolutely free of cost and lots of support to grow their business from our corporate team.


Who can become SAKSHAM ?

  • > Become Saksham if you are a Home maker
  • > Become Sakasham if you are a professional.
  • > Become Saksham if you are a business owner
  • > Become Saksham if you are College student
  • Become Saksham if you are retired goverment officer
  • Become Saksham if you are a Freelancer
  • Become Saksham if you are Networking professional
  • Become Saksham if you are a artist
  • Become Saksham if you are a sportswomen
  • Become Saksham if you are a service provider


Where to sell ? & how to sell ?

  • > You can sell among your friends & family
  • > You can sell among your network of neighbours.
  • > You can sell to retail shop owners.
  • > You can sell at Schools & Colleges
  • > You can sell to social groups
  • > You can sell to NGO’s
  • > You can sell online
  • > You can sell to companies
  • > You can sell to every female across


Benefits of being SAKSHAM

  • > Huge discounts on purchase of Lyvefresh menstrual products.
  • > Earn Rs.3000/-* to Rs.300000/-per month.
  • > You get a dedicated webpage with all your contact details on Lyvefresh.com of your business which you can promote among your network.
  • > FREE payment gateway for your business on your webpage.
  • > 1 exclusive video of your Story being an entrepreneur on Lyvefresh TV.
  • Many more monthly and yearly benefits on being Saksham

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Scan to Pay

For all your purchase products you can pay through UPI / WALLET / NET BANKING / CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS.

Once you make the payment kindly share the confirmation details on Whatsapp No. +919967776667 or email on [email protected]

You will receive the Invoice copy of your purchase in reply to your whatsapp message or email.

Kindly feel free to connect with us for any discrepancy.

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