NGO Partner – Vichar Samiti @ Madhya Pradesh

Vichar Samiti – Adopts Lyvefresh ANANDA as a system driven approach to promote menstrual hygiene across Madhya Pradesh.

Vichar Samiti is an NGO working for the overall development of Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh. The organisation registered itself on 21/12/2004 under the name of ‘Vichar Samiti’ under the Madhya Pradesh Societies Registration Act of 1973. Our registration number is: 06/09/01/04737/04.

With the network of 5000+ active volunteers, Vichar Samiti works on-ground – every day and especially, in times of crisis. Their aim is to empower lives in rural as well as urban areas through 360-degree development across Health, Education, Employment, Healthcare and Sanitation. Their aim is to create a model for sustainable development that can be replicated  and scaled up across the nation and  globally.

Their strategy is not just to create awareness, but to inspire people to improve their lives by building their confidence through a network of people who are connected by love and trust. One such model under implementation is our slum area development network. With 12,500 households targeted , one volunteer is responsible for advocating/ implementing our projects in 10 houses. It is through such networks that we aim to connect people and help change lives.

For achieving their aim for the benefit of society Vichar Samiti have partnered with Lyvefresh ANANDA and adopted its system driven approach with standardized training content to promote menstrual hygiene management along with eco friendly menstrual products which would benefit the health of every women and also support the nature.

We at Lyvefresh ANANDA welcome aboard Vichar Samiti for adopting this system driven approach.

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