Get Paid for making a selfie video

What you Do ?How much you get ? (INR)
When you upload on your youtube channel500
When you upload on your
Facebook page
When you upload on your Instagram page250
When you get 5k likes / views500
When you get 10k likes / views1000

Make videos & Earn

Do you love to make selfie videos ? Do you have a youtube account ? Do you have facebook / instagram account ?

Then what are you waiting for. Now you can get paid from us for every every video you create and post on your youtube channel or other social media accounts. It’s simple.

Let’s Start…and make unlimited income

  1. You can make a video describing benefits of our product.
  2. You can make a video showcasing use of our product.
  3. You can make a video highlighting our product in background or in the frame.
  4. You can make a video showing how to use the product.

Rules to follow.

  1. Your video shall be of 30 secs or more.
  2. You need to upload your video on your YouTube channel or on Facebook and Instagram account.
  3. While you upload your video you need to tag Lyvefresh on all the social media.
  4. After you complete the process you can submit your details to us.

Enjoy your earnings Har din, Har pal

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