Workshop at Yenapoya University, Mangalore

2nd July 2022

Green Impact Foundation conducts a workshop on Menstrual Hygiene for OBG department at Yenapoya University, Deralakatte, Mangalore.

After the first successful workshop conducted by Shilpa Shastry from Green Impact foundation with the support of Dr. Rajesh Bejjangala – Chairman of Green Impact Foundation, they received an opportunity for conducting a workshop on menstrual hygiene management and sanitary waste management at OBG department of Yenapoya University at Mangalore.

This workshop was organized for the women staff to adopt better menstrual hygiene practice with eco-friendly menstrual product like Menstrual Cup. This workshop provided them in depth detailed training about how to maintain the hygiene during their menstrual days and also complete details about menstrual cup i.e. about the product quality, how to use, how to wash, how to maintain, how to store, how to prepare yourself before using a cup and much more. There were many myths about menstrual cup which are usually there with every women, and which are clarified by the trainer during the workshop to make them more comfortable with menstrual cup.

Usually it is been observed that, even if there is a solution for every issue, people still feel hesitant to adopt any new practice until it is been explained to them in detail and which also removes the taboo of talking about the menstrual issue. As India, is still under the taboo of not talking on menstrual issue, is the major reason for unhygienic menstrual practice.

Further to this workshop, Green Impact Foundation aims to create more such workshops across the state of Karnataka for the betterment of women and to provide better lifestyle to every age group and income group with sustainable menstrual hygiene practice and eco-friendly products.

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