Mr. Arun Bhardwaj – The running legend of India joins Lyvefresh ANANDA as an honorary advisory board member


Arun Bhardwaj (born 24 February 1969) is an ultramarathon runner from New Delhi, India. He is one of the first internationally acclaimed endurance racers from India. He have become the running legend of India just to motivate his daughters by showing that nothing is impossible. He have always been supportive to women in his family and would also like support the women across nation through this initiative. Arun would support this initiative by helping the team with his motivational talks for making it possible. He would also like to be one of the first few men in India to talk ans support menstruation. He thinks the problem of menstruation can be solved once people start talking about it rather creating it as a taboo.

Being born at Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, this ultramarathoner has been running for overv 22 official years. He now quietly lives in delhi with his wife, 2 daughters & a son. Arun is a vegetarian & teetotaller. He thrives on honey, fruit juices & sugarcane. Arun shares a great bond with his children and ventured into ultra marathon running to set an example for them. He have covered 13,473 KM of running as on date, he have been the first one in the world to run across India i.e. from Kargil to Kanyakumari in 61 days, he is only India winner of international multi-day marathon. He is also an Executive Board member of GOMU (GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF MULTI-DAY ULTRAMARATHONERS). With the above credentials Arun plans to support Lyvefresh ANANDA by creating various camps / events / competitions / etc. for generating funds which will be utilised to promote menstrual hygiene practice among rural women and girls.

We at Lyvefresh ANANDA are highly thankful to Mr. Arun bhardwaj, for his extended support. We have got highly motivated with his presence on advisory board of Lyvefresh ANANDA, and look forward for a great success in our vision to support every women in India through our menstrual hygiene programs.

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