The uniform business in India

12-12-2023 – Mumbai

It has been a ages, since we had worn our school uniforms and getting an identity with a prestige of being a learner. After we left our school, i doubt that anyone of us have got a chance to wear a uniform, as we started to like wearing fashion while we are at higher education or at work. There is no doubt about looking great with fashion outfits for every occasions or while at work but creating an identity is also prestigious what we can feel wearing a uniform with a custom logo or a symmetric design.

Earlier, the word Uniform had very narrow meaning limited to school uniforms but today, the word Uniform have also grown up like us and have expanded the wings across different categories like Corporate Uniforms, Medical Uniforms, Driver Uniforms, Airline Uniforms, Housekeeping Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Sports Uniforms, Industrial Uniforms, Retail Uniforms, Delivery Uniforms, Picnic Uniforms, Holiday Uniforms, Staff Uniforms, Security Uniforms, and many more.

The uniform market in India is witnessing 10% to 15% YOY growth since 2020 and have exponential potential growth in future.

Looking at the market size and expected growth over a period of time Lyvefresh a brand owned by Kranath Kreations founded by Nikita Gala Parekh have expanded their wings in this segment by launching specialized and customized uniforms for every industry and categories. Kranath Kreations have been a pioneer in manufacturing School Uniforms since inception in 2009.

Lyvefresh will offer a wide range of customized options in terms of designs and fabric while creating uniforms for any customer in B2B or B2C business. Looking forward Lyvefresh aims to be a market leader in this segment.

For more details kindly feel free to connect with us on 9702520520

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