“CSR can also be done in kind, not only through cash”

If you are looking to support our social initiative then you can support us by providing your time or space rather than money.

Now you can place the donation collecting

“TENT CARD” at your payment counter.

If you are…


Coffee Shop

Super Market


Footwear Store

Fashion Store

Electronics Store

Medical Store

Terms for your reference

  • > Lyvefresh ANANDA is a social initiative started by ABCD MULTIVENTURES.
  • > Lyvefresh ANANDA have NGO partners across India to promote and support women for Menstrual Hygiene Management & Sanitary waste management.
  • > All the donations collected are utilized to support the women across India by giving them training regarding menstrual hygiene and also with FREE eco-friendly menstrual product through our NGO partners.
  • > For every 400 rupees collected we will support the cost of menstruation per women for the period of 5 years.
  • > You (Partner Store) being the partner in this campaign you are also eligible for a remuneration @ of 5% calculated on total collection received every month.
  • You shall also receive the details of the donation received in a month at your store.
  • You will receive your remuneration within 15 days of the next month for the previous month ended.
  • You will receive your remuneration from ABCD Multiventures after deducting the TDS as applicable on the total value of your remuneration.
  • In case there is a delay in getting your remuneration credited in your account, then ABCD Multiventures is not liable to pay any kind of interest on your remuneration.
  • In case of any disputes, would be solved by an arbitrator in the jurisdiction of Mumbai.
  • If any partner is found violating the rules / terms of company then there would be legal action taken against them and all the penalties laid down at that time along with the cost of legal procedures have to be borne by the partner.

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