316 women police officers at Marol Police Training Centre, Mumbai attended Menstrual Hygiene Workshop.

6th August 2022

Menstrual hygiene workshop conducted at Mumbai Police Marol Training Center

Lyvefresh ANANDA an initiative to promote Menstrual Hygiene practice was organized for the new batch at Marol police training center. To organize this workshop for these new batch of 316 women officers was initiated by the principal madam IPS N. AMBICA who had also initiated the similar workshops for 2200 Mumbai Police women officers while she was the DCP of Mumbai Police. This workshop designed by Lyvefresh ANANDA not only educates the women about menstrual hygiene but also tries to support them in creating better lifestyle.

The workshop was conducted by Nikita Gala Parekh – Training Director of Lyvefresh ANANDA which went on for around 2 hours followed by Q&A sessions. All the participants appreciated the program through which they felt that it was a life changing program. The details shared during the program was not only on menstrual hygiene but also shared the in depth knowledge on eco-friendly alternative menstrual product i.e. Menstrual Cup. Menstrual Cup being a reusable product for 5+ years it would save the nature from receiving disposable sanitary pads which takes around more than 500 years to get decompose if left open in nature.

We shall be organizing more such workshops with Mumbai Police Women officers to support them in having better lifestyle even during menstrual days.

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