Bleeding is not bad for India


The ultimate guide for every women to adopt better menstrual hygiene practice. It also gives you the insights of Menstrual cup and its directions for use and care.
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Genre: Self-Improvement, Education & Language
Language: English
Author: Jigar Parekh & Nikita Gala Parekh

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This book is all about menstrual hygiene management and sanitary waste management. You do not need any kind of background or knowledge about menstrual health to understand the content. It is self-explanatory for every reader and written with most basic phrases for every reader to understand it easily. The content is mainly designed by keeping in mind about your daily routine practice currently which you are adopting in your lifestyle and changing them with few good hygiene practices along with eco-friendly alternative products, without any major change in your day to day life. We believe to help every reader with a life changing experience through this book.

About the authors

The journey started in 2011 by entering into manufacturing of silicone rubber products in India after Jigar getting work experience as an Graphic designer – VFX artist – marketing specialist – event management – etc, working with various companies across India and UAE. Doing research was his passion throughout his working space and he would always think of working towards any product of service which is the future in the country. It was 2010 where he came across various products made from silicone rubber and its market across the globe. It was very surprising to know that these daily essential products which are made from silicone across the globe were made from various types of plastics and other materials in India and there was awareness regarding the benefits of silicone in terms of most hygienic material – human safe – medical grade – reusable for long years – and much more. Due to lack of awareness there was no market as on date in India for these products and this information became the turning point in his life where he decided to enter in this new space of manufacturing those products in India.

He started his journey in 2010 by representing a small company who was into manufacturing of one of the raw material which was used as ingredient while making products of Silicone rubber. Spending 2 years with the company, he understood the complete process of manufacturing the products with its technical knowledge too. He started his small manufacturing unit in 2012 based in Mumbai and developed various silicone products of categories like Sports / fitness / hygiene / utility / kitchen tools / and much more. It took almost 4 years i.e. 2011 to 2015 for reaching at a level where Indian market started knowing about Silicone products.

This was the time in 2015 he developed a product “Female Standing Urination Device” for females made from silicone making it reusable for long years. Marketing this product in India was tough but still he never left the hope and he started to take part in exhibitions from 2018 as there was much opportunity now for online promotions. He was under the impression while marketing this product he should need to think out of the box to attract more people so by creating a booth design at the exhibition with a statue of female standing for urination he expected a crowed to gather at his booth but things were vice-versa. There was not a single person who would feel to enter his booth looking from outside that there is a statue of female urinating in standing position like a man. This proved clearly in his mind that there is always a problem of “Awareness” even if there is a solution. When he started posting on social media with this images of female standing urination device, he also started getting feedback from known friends on social media as “pagal ho gaya hai” (have you gone crazy), “ye kya hai” (what is all this nonsense), are you really mad to promote and sell this product”. Including some close relatives too started suggesting that “start some good business” ‘these products are not for India” “you are really a psycho” “these products would never work” and much more. Even after the struggle he never left the hope of promoting silicone products in India and manufactured some more range of products out of which one of the most important female hygiene product was Menstrual Cup. All these products were marketed under the brand name “Lyvefresh” – Har din, har pal.

Like there was a research after every product he developed, even there was lot of research before developing Menstrual Cup in 2021, and finally this research gave him a clear picture of the problem in India i.e. “The problem in India is Awareness even if there is a solution”, so finally he started working towards solving the actual problem of India rather just focusing on selling the products. And the result of the solution was an initiative “Lyvefresh ANANDA” – a series of FREE workshops to be organized on training of Menstrual Hygiene Management. This was the time where his wife Nikita Gala Parekh who was also an entrepreneur from more than a decade and was into manufacturing of customized garments under the brand name Kranath Kreations, also started being a part of the initiative “Lyvefresh ANANDA”, as being a female it was more comfortable for her to explain about Menstrual Hygiene during the workshops being a female and giving the comfort to other females.


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