About the contest

“Creative video contest” is presented by Frameboxx to support Lyvefresh ANANDA – a social initiative to promote menstrual hygiene management and sanitary waste management in India. All the videos created by students of Frameboxx would be live on Lyvefresh you tube channel. Each participants would be given multiple options to choose the topic for creating a video related to menstrual hygiene and eco-friendly product Menstrual Cup. Every participant have to follow the rules of contest while their participation. There would be prizes given by Artis to the best video as per the category and all the students who are participating would be eligible for a gift voucher from Artis. Contest starts on 30th September 2022 and the time given to students for creating the video would be 30 days.

The Introduction

Rules to be followed while creating video

This creative video contest is brought to you by Lyvefresh ANANDA in association with Frameboxx. Lyvefresh ANANDA is a social initiative to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management across India through eco-friendly alternative product i.e. Menstrual Cup. All these videos created will be utilized to educate women in rural and urban areas of India by making it live on Lyvefresh YouTube channel. Kindly find the rules to be followed while creating these videos.

  1. You need to create a video with the duration between 60 secs to 120 secs.
  2. Your video format should be mp4 with aspect ratio of 16:9 while creating the video and 1000px x 1000px (square) while creating any image advertisment.
  3. This is an open contest which allows you to create 2D videos / 3D Videos / Graphical representation with text animation / Live shoot with special effects and subtitles for explanation while creating the videos.
  4. Audio used in the video in terms of voice over / background music / special effects sounds etc. have to be original or royalty free. In case any sound used in the video which is not royalty free will be rejected from the contest.
  5. Any kind of background images / product images / content / text / etc. used while creating an image advertisement have to be royalty free or can also be downloaded from the download section below.
  6. There are multiple topics available for creating a design / video out of which students can choose their respective topic/s.
  7. 2 Best videos on each topic would be shortlisted for the final round and would also be going live on Lyvefresh TV channel on YouTube.
  8. From the shortlisted videos in the final round there would be 5 best videos selected and will get prizes of Artis worth Rs. 14000/-*.
  9. You need to be creative enough in the concept for explaining the topic you have selected for the video.
  10. You can search the web i.e. Google / Youtube to see other videos on similar content as a part of your research before you create your videos. This would help you to understand the topic well and then think an out of the box idea to showcase your way in your video.
  11. Timelines given to you for making the video would be 25 days from the start date of this contest.
  12. You are allowed to submit 2 videos on 2 different topics but have to be made in the same time frame.
  13. Every vdieo will have your name and your center name in the start or the end, showing that ithe video is created by you but can be published by Lyvefresh ANANDA without any limitation of rights from your side.
  14. For any further details you can feel free to connect with your technical head at the centre

Download section

File NameDownload
Frameboxx LogoJPG PNG PDF

Menstrual Cup Photos for download

Click on the photo to enlarge and download (You can mask or cut as required)

All the participants who register for the contest are eligible for the offer.

Choose the topic for your Video

There are multiple topics available for creating your Video / Image in the PDF file below. You can select any one topic for creating your design or also select multiple topics as per your concept.


You need to put your name along with center name and the Topic i.e. the question on which your video is been made in the start of your video. While creating the Image advertisement you can put your name in the footer section on right side below “Design created by – <your name>”

Submit your video on completion

We hope you have read the terms / rules to be followed for creating the video before submitting your video. Your video can be rejected in case if it does not follow the guidelines of contest.

You need to share your video through Telegram APP and share your Full Name along with Your Center Name.

Join the telegram group to share the update of your work and to share the final video.

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