Now you can organize “Lyvefresh ANANDA” locally across India.

NGO Partners across India

Are you NGO ?

Why partner with Lvyefresh ANANDA ?

Who can become a partner ?

Any individuals / organizations who would like to LEARN – EARN – GROW can apply for Lyvefresh ANANDA franchisee.

Few of them are …

  • Corporate trainers
  • Live Coach
  • Spiritual trainers
  • Personal trainers
  • Soft skill trainers
  • Public Speakers
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Social Clubs
  • NGO’s

Benefits of being a partner franchisee ?

  • Helping women to create better menstrual hygiene management system.
  • Saving nature from sanitary waste reduction.
  • Knowledge sharing with others about better health and hygiene practice.
  • Creating awareness about using Eco Friendly products.
  • Removing the taboo of talking about menstruation among people.
  • Making women learn about menstrual cup and its benefits
  • Earn during every workshops you create through sponsorship’s / product sales

Thinking of hosting a “Lyvefresh ANANDA” to support the women across the nation by creating awareness about menstrual hygiene management system.

“Lyvefresh Ananda” is the program for women related to training on Menstrual Hygiene Management and focusing on using eco- friendly alternative products during menstruation and maintain better hygiene for better health. This also helps to save nature by not using disposable products.

Would you like to be our franchisee ?

Lyvefresh ANANDA offers you a low cost franchise business opportunity while you Learn – Earn – Grow. Spreading the word for creating better menstrual hygiene among the women is considered as a noble cause which will also give you some great opportunity to do something for the society.

This franchise opportunity is one of the best initiative by Lyvefresh with a low cost investment and high returns. There are various other benefits for each franchise owners.

Let us share our knowledge with others by joining us as a franchise.

Know about Lyvefresh ANANDA in detail along with its benefits and process.

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Get your license to organize the event

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What are the types of beneficiaries for whom you can organize Lyvefresh ANANDA

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Are you working on a event ?

Quick Access to …

Guidelines for organizing a workshop (PDF)

How to select the beneficiaries (PDF)

How to select the donor (PDF)

Files & Formats you will need …

Presentation format for beneficiaries (PPT)

Proposal for donor (PPT)

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